Tea Tips: Chinatown


Although you often don’t receive premium teas at Chinese restaurants, leaving the lid open or upside down or open is a polite way to inform your server that you would like a tea pot refill. Drinking green or oolong tea with your Chinese food will help stimulate digestion. 


Tea Tips: Steeping the Perfect Cup


An important element to steeping the perfect cup of tea – is the length of the steep.

Steep time is determined by the type of tea and can range from 30 seconds to 10 minutes +. A useful tool for any tea-lover is steep.it, which outlines how long to steep your tea for and includes an electronic timer.

As an extra note on a tea shop committed to tea steeping excellenxe: a few years ago I visited thisgreat shop in Soho, New York – Sanctuary Tea (337B West Broadway, New York). Not only was the selection vast and extensive, but the shop was committed to each cup of tea steeped to perfection with personalized timers for each different tea type. I hope to see more shops follow suit!

Here’s to delicious tea!

Tea Time: The Green Grind


Green Grind  - Tealicious Toronto

Tea – one of the oldest beverages in the world (discovered (discovered in China in 2737 BC), is in the midst of a resurgence. Specialty shops and tea varieties are now available all over Toronto, making it easy for anyone, from tea-expert to tea-novice, to find the right cup for their needs.

Being that tea is my FAVOURITE (yes, favourite) beverage – I’ve trekked far and wide for a great cup. Recently, I visited a cute cafe called The Green Grind (567 College St, Toronto). Their menu focuses primarily on coffee, but their modest tea selection covers all the bases with premium options including a Ginger Lime Rooibos Tea, Green Jade Cloud Tea and Masala Chai Tea. All teas are loose leaf, with the added bonus of being fair-trade and organic! Tea leaves are available for purchase to take home.

I settled on a to-go cup of the White Peach Blossom Tea, which was light and fragrant. White tea is a great option later in the day due to its low caffeine content and high levels of antioxidants (great for your health!).

The atmosphere perfect for studying or working remotely with large communal tables, quiet music and comfortable chairs, while the staff is extremely friendly and easy going. If you’re planning to stay for the day, I highly recommend getting a tea pot for free refills.

Tealicious Toronto - Green Grind

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